Parental Access to the Classroom

Parents are welcome and encouraged to participate in daily activities at the school.

Parents may also observe their children's classes provided that the observation is scheduled in advance or the parents must receive permission from an administrator to observe the class. The school administration is committed to providing teachers with advanced notice of guests in the classroom. This is done not only as a courtesy to teachers, but also to ensure that the educational process is not disrupted and as an added security measure. Parents must also sign in at the front office.



Parents are invited to join the students by assisting with field trips, acting as a mentor, tutoring, assisting students during school hours, hobbies, joining recreational activities, or working on behind-the-scenes planning activities.

All parents wishing to volunteer must be interviewed, complete our volunteer information form and agree to a criminal background check. 


Visitor Policies
Anyone entering the building must stop in the main office. Only prospective students are allowed in the building through scheduled visits.