Parental Choice

Transfer Credit Policy


Under 119.23(6m) (a) (8) all schools in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP) must provide to every MPCP applicant.  “A copy of the policy used by the private school for accepting or denying the transfer of credits earned by a pupil attending the private school under this section for the satisfactory of coursework at another school.”


Believers In Christ will consider accepting school credit from other institutions to the extent that coursework at the previous instruction is documented and in accordance with Believers In Christ’s academic standards as adopted under 118.30(lg) (a) 3. All final determinations for the acceptance or rejection of transfer credits shall be made at the discretion of the school Director/Principal.
Records should be transferred within five days of receipt of request. If the records are not received, we will not contact the school principle to expedite. If records are still not received in 2- 3 days from contact with the principle, we will fax the written request to Program Administrator, Student Services, at MPS or Fax 475.8626. They will contact the principle of the school to facilitate transfer of records. The same process will be followed obtaining records from other school systems public or private.


Believers In Christ will maintain all progress reports for current students in the cumulative folder.

Believers In Christ will maintain progress records for each pupil while the pupil attends the school, unless the school ceases operation, for at least 5 years after the pupil cease to attend the school. Files of students will be kept in the office file room.


Upon request, we will provide a pupil or guardian of a minor pupil who is attending the private school, a copy of the pupil’s progress records.


If Believers In Christ closes, all records will be immediately transferred to the Family, Parent and Student Services Division at the MPS Central Services Building located on 52nd and Vliet Street, room 133.

Parents/Guardians of a minor pupil will receive written notice that the records have been transferred to MPS.
WI Dept. of Public instruction will receive copies of consent letters for records sent to other organizations per parent requests.