Graduation Requirements

High School  Graduation Requirements: 22 credits

Math                                     Algebra I & II and  Geometry                    3 credits
Social Studies                      Required:Civics & US History                   4 credits 

Literature                                                                                               4 credits
English                                 Grammar/Composition                             3 credits

                                             Creative Writing/Speech               

Science                                Required:Biology & Chemistry                 4 credits
Computer Science                                                                                1 credits
Foreign Language               (Same Language)                                     2 credits
Electives                                                                                               1 credits


Students must successfully complete the course of study below. All courses must be completed with a "C" or higher in order to recieve credit. A total of 22 core credits are required to graduate from the high school. Teacher recommendation and student academic performance are criteria for consideration in granting a diploma.