Personal Learning Plans
Students are assessed and placed for appropriate instruction. Individualized learning plans are formed to assist each student with academic growth.

Multiple Intelligences
We actively pursue the development of our students' talents using Dr. Howard Gardener's  Theory of Multiple Intelligences. This model emphasizes how people are smart and that people are smart in different ways. The foundational intelligences are:


Verbal/Linguistic, Visual/Spatial, Musical/Rhythmic
Bodily/Kinesthetic, Mathematical/Logical, Naturalist, Spiritual, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal.

A School Without Walls
At Believers In Christ, learning takes place wherever students are. Throughtout the year, students may participate in a classroom/ workshop setting, extended classroom activities (fieldtrips) and other venues of learning.

Report Cards
Our progress report marking periods are quarterly. Students receive report cards every nine weeks. However, ongoing mid-quarter progress is available to parents. Parents may also review students' progress at anytime during the year.

Portfolio Assessments
Authentic student portfolio assessments demonstrate mastery of state and national standards.