Board of Directors




Cheryl M. Brown, Ph.D.      

Dr. Jocelyn Hall

Denise Patton


School Officials:

Cheryl Brown, Ph.D. Director of Education

Candace Covington M.Ed., Principal


Believers In Christ is a non profit organization. A full copy of our 501 3C status is listed with the IRS and is available to you upon request.



Note:  The following is BELIEVERS IN CHRIST’S policy revised and adopted by our school board on 10/07/2014, to satisfy the requirements of 119.23(6m) (a) (8):


BELIEVERS IN CHRIST CHRISTIAN ACADEMY (BICCA) is first and foremost a Christian school established in 1990 by our founder, Cheryl McBride Brown, PH.D.  Our mission is to educate and train children in a loving, nurturing, yet challenging environment that has its foundations in the principles of Christian living. 

Our goal is to prepare each student for college and life.  We provide a safe, nurturing environment where every student has the opportunity to discover their potential, develop their intelligence, and demonstrate mastery of critical concepts, philosophies and abilities required for higher learning and life.


Our administrators are intimately involved in the daily lives and learning of students, (teachers/guides), and families.