About Us

Believers In Christ is first and foremost a Christian school established in 1990 by our founder, Cheryl Mcbride Brown, Ph.D. Our mission is to educate and train children in a loving, nurturing, yet challenging environment that has its foundations in the principles of Christian living. Our goal is to prepare each student for college and life. We provide a safe, nurturing environment where every student has the oppurtunity to discover their potential, develop their intelligence, and demonstrate mastery of critical concepts, philosophies and abilities required for higher learning and life.

School Mission

Every Child Is a Winner/Excelling in Learning
We believe it is important to discover each child's:

  • Learning Style

  • Area of giftedness

  • Area of need

  • Dominant intelligence


God is the creator of all things
We believe that Believers In Christ Christian Academy and High School Of Excellence Have been entrusted with a mission by  God to teach and to love His people so they will know Him, love Him and serve Him with excellence. We therefore, seek to provide experience that promotes an atmosphere in which young people can grow towards Christian maturity in every area of intelligence. We believe in an integrated curriculum which allows for independent learning through the use of Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. The Multiple Intelligences Theory emphasizes that people are smart in different ways and therefore allows students various avenues to grasp and demonstrate understanding of information and become Lifelong learners.
Qualified staff, which recognize the importance of individual, supports our program and group needs, thus enabling students to master the learning processes through which individuals realize their potential. With the help of, God the, the family, and the community, students are guided to become contributing members of society by integrating Christian values into their daily lives.

Note:  The following is BELIEVERS IN CHRIST’S policy revised and adopted by our school board on 10/07/2014, to satisfy the requirements of 119.23(6m) (a) (8): and updated on 10/14/2018.


Accredited by: Wisconsin Religious Independent Schools Association recognized by: The National Federation of Non Public Schools